speaking and presenting with impact
2nd - 3rd August 2019 - Wolverhampton
2 day Story Development and Presentation Skills workshop run by World award winning speaker and coach Tosin Ogunnassi. 

Learn to Command the stage and tell your story WITHOUT notes or fear 
Learn to Command the stage and leave an audience breathless…
When you start to build your authority and expertise in a subject, one of the most common questions you will get asked, is… what’s YOUR story…

The problem is, if you haven’t learnt how to tell YOUR STORY properly, you can find yourself jabbering on, and boring the listener to tears as they try to find a reason to escape, which is pointless

HOWEVER, by working to identify the KEY points that “Got you HERE” and learning to tell them and share them in an inspiring, NON BRAGGING, and engaging way, will make such a HUGE difference to you and your audience

But these are skills that will serve you just as well OFF stage as they do on stage, in some cases BETTER! 

The key is to learn the “frames” of successes or lightbulb moments and using a system of tools and skills, learn to deliver these to the listener, whether they be on the radio, watching your video, your book or wherever it may be… 

This multi stage system, that will be taught to you by Top International Award winning speaker and UK’s number 1 Empowerment Performance Coach, makes the whole experience less stressful and simple to follow throughout.

Being as Stories are 22 times more memorable than a list of facts, this workshop, people will not only make you a better presenter, but it will also make you more memorable to all who meet you and your delegates will remember you and your story for years to come…

Over the two days, Tosin will work with you in this small and intense group to help you extract the key elements, your successes, tough times and all that has led to be here in this place right now and then take you through his step by step system, to enable you to tell your story to the world, across any platform you may wish…

A real LIFE skill, that once you have it, will never leave you 

Who is Tosin?

Tosin, Full Name Oluwatosin Ogunnusi
Tosin who lives in Prague, is the UK’s Number 1 Empowerment Trainer and Executive Coach. An author of two amazing books, “Empower Yourself with the 7 Natural Laws,” and the recently released, “Time 2 Break Free!”

Tosin, as he’s known, by his friends and colleagues is a “Mind-set/Empowerment” specialist, who helps medium and large size organisations with Peak Performance Training for their teams, through his dynamic team-building events.

He also helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to extract their know-how or knowledge and package it into a solution framework that they can leverage and monetise.

Tosin is an international multi-award winning speaker, trainer and executive coach with a dynamic and charismatic approach.

Tosin’s experience and passion lies in helping individuals and organizations improve their performance, with over 20+ years, experience in Personal Development, Sales and Leadership within a range of organizations. His company has worked with the likes of the FA (Football Association in the UK), Aviva (One of the largest insurance companies in the UK) and o2 (The Telephone company) Just to mention a few…!

Here is what other letting agents, that have learnt this method have said…
“I’ve achieved 100% conversion and 100% FM conversion since learning this method”
Sue Stocks
“I’ve doubled my business in literally 6 months since learning this” 
Matilda Nowak 
“I’ve managed to convert landlords from Let only to FM that I never thought possible”
Luke St Clair 
“Using this method, I won a client with 200 units, that I had been trying to convert for 3 years!, I’ve generated 200k, for my business from this method alone already” 
Kamlesh Padhra
“I had a landlord on 7% fees and using this method, I converted him to 11%, with one call”
Paul Kearton
Speaking and presenting with impact
2nd - 3rd March '19
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £1997 + VAT
  • Workshop in the Midlands
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
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