The Profit-Making
 Tenancy Manager Workshop
29th April, 2021 (Virtual)
14th October, 2021 (Virtual)
This workshop is NOT for those who are just starting out as Tenancy Managers
If you're reading this, it's because you're here to take your Tenancy Managers to the next level, and by that, we mean transforming them into an UNSTOPPABLE income-generating asset to your company

Are YOUR Tenancy Managers feeling stressed out, rushed off their feet, constantly complaining about the LACK of time in a day, or even, dare I say it...
 requesting extra team members so that they are able to handle their work-load?!

Using this workshop, transform your Tenancy Managers into Opportunity seeking, Up-selling, Landlord pleasing Team Members, who share the vision for GROWING your business and keeping the company SAFE
One thing we can guarantee, is that you will NEVER have been on a Tenancy Manager training day like THIS ONE!
What can I expect my Tenancy Managers to learn?
1. How to release TIME and focus on whats needed
2. Increase OPPORTUNITIES for generating income
3. Learn how to GROW THE PORTFOLIO and add value
4. Serve their customer better & INCREASE REVENUE
5. Protect the companies liability liability in all that you do
You will learn what makes the difference between an
AVERAGE and AWESOME Tenancy Manager:
1. The important ROLE of a Tenancy Manager
The definition of the Tenancy Manager VS. the Property Manager and how this has evolved and changed over the years, also where do we as tenancy managers fit into the Letting Agency and how can we ADD value and help the business GROW and ultimately keep the customers happy.
2. The Importance of POSITIVITY
Now more than ever we need to be finding ways to communicate with our landlords of the awesome work we do, so that they VALUE our service and understand its complexity, but also give them good news and not just BAD news... we will share many ways they can do just that 
3. The Importance of Staying COMPLIANT
The BIGGEST problem Tenancy Managers have is that they are asked and encourage to do so many things that are not "part of their job" "favours" and this DRAINS their time, but also may leave the company liable to prosecution, or even uninsured... we will cover these and make sure your team knows where the boundaries lie 
4. Managing Contractors and the big NOT to do's
With the Homes and Fitness Standard, the HHSRS and various other pieces of legislation, including Health and Safety, the way we utilise and manage contractors is HUGELY important now and failure to do so correctly could leave us liable to massive fines, we cover the essentials here 
5. The Tenancy Manager RANT
The Legendary RANT meets the Tenancy Manager… you will discover how to make sure you NEVER get a Landlord refusing to do essential work again.
Through this workshop, we will ensure you understand exactly what legislation is required, the various tasks that must be made a priority and how to communicate this across to your Landlord in a way that is clear (and cannot be argued with).
Here are just some of the areas we cover on the day:
Where do you start in an attempt to stop being TOO helpful? By agreeing to do too much for a client, you could become both LIABLE and guilty of leaving the company liable for areas they shouldn’t be involved in.
Here we explore what IS and what ARE NOT our roles.
Valuing your TIME
What IS your role as a Tenancy Manager and where does it begin and END? Are you being too helpful?

 How can you find opportunities to 'upsell' to higher level services, by refusing to carry out tasks for clients that do not fall under your job role?
Looking for 
Where can YOU add value to your business and seek income generation through opportunities and become a PROFIT centre, rather than an operations cost.

Identifying when Landlords want to sell, refurbish, buy, or move. Identifying TRIGGER words and comments could really open doors and brand new income streams for your business.
A fully packed day with a difference, focused around the “communication” of the work that Tenancy Managers do, this is a real “modernisation” of the Tenancy Manager Role, and will really focus your team on being part of the Agent Rainmaker community and working WITH you to GROW your business, get them on the same page as your front end team and turn them into high customer service profit focused team members.
This is NOT a legal training day, or a “how to” day. Nevertheless, there will be lots of reference to legislation and the references to when it should be used and how.
We would recommend that the more experienced Tenancy Managers amongst you should also attend our 'Essential Legal Intensive' and the 'Advanced Legal Intensive'. 
The investment for our Tenancy Manager Workshop is just £197 + VAT. Space is limited to only 30 seats, so make sure you have your tickets FAST!
To reserve you/your teams spaces on this ONE day workshop to turn your Tenancy Managers into Opportunity seeking, Up-selling, Landlord pleasing Team Members, with a shared vision for GROWING your business...
Here is what other letting agents who have attended one of our previous one-day Staff Training workshops have said:
The Profit making Tenancy Manager workshop
29th April
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £197 + VAT
  • Digital Workshop
  • 9AM - 5:30PM


We recognise that this is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation. Should circumstances or risk factors change, we will re-evaluate — always with your health, safety and well-being in mind. Therefore any ticket purchased for any live events, during the pandemic, we offer that in the event of you being unable to attend, or the event having to be postponed, we will be Live Streaming the event into a dedicated Facebook group for to join for a 48 hour period where you can either watch the event as its taking place, or view the recording within the time period. If you notify us within 7 days of the event starting that you won’t be able to attend, we will offer you an alternative ticket to attend the same or similar event within the next 12 months.

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