Automate your Tenant Viewings and Application process
and save hours every day for your team...

Launching the BRAND NEW Automated Tenant & buyer
Viewing and Applications system...

Reduce the number of viewings needed by 90%, but with SAME resulting deals

Reduce the time wasters and no shows to almost nothing...

Approve the eligibility of each tenant BEFORE you leave the office...

Ensure the Safety of your TEAM. by having FULL tenant details before viewings... 

Grab the Brand new automated Funnel System NOW for your business and enter the NEW era of Tenant and Buyer viewings

What's Included:
  • Application system designed, built and launched in your brand and business.
  • 2x application forms created to take all important details digitally.
  • Full integration to a CRM so you can store and follow up contacts.*
*you will also need to access to hosting & suitable CRM software which will be set up for you 

This will REVOLUTIONISE the industry forever… and we want to help you by building the entire process for you from start to finish so you just 'turn it on'. 

With this fully automated Tenant & Buyer viewing and application system, you will never waste your time showing people properties, that will never apply
Set up and tested and in early results, this process is showing to reduce viewings to 10% of previous level, and tenants “apply” before viewing, with a further applications once viewed… cutting out days per month of wasted viewing time for your staff
Results show branch only has to therefore show properties to those “pre approved” and those that are SERIOUS and keen
This results in over 50% conversion on (the 10%) of viewings in all cases so far and result in the SAME AMOUNT of lets and sales agreed

90% less work... SAME RESULTS! 

Key Benefits

  • 90% less viewings for the same number of applications
  • ​50% viewing conversion ratio and above due to reduced cancellations and time wasters
  • ​Time wasters, filtered out and only SERIOUS parties get shown property
  • ​Pre-Approved status, means you focus on those suitable and can serve more 
  • ​Higher levels of safety, due to details captured before viewing
  • ​Save time, save costs, meaning negotiators can focus on generating business 
This system was created due to corona, but will stay from now on, as this one page tenant application funnel which you can add 360 interactive videos too (or just photos) takes your tenant through a detail giving and application process automatically without human intervention and has proven to be the biggest single cost and time saving process released this year… 

Want to see each step of the process? Let me show you: 

01 - The Property Sales Page

A Full page created and designed in your brand to fully showcase the property that you can easily copy and change for other properties.

With two buttons to apply for a viewing or to submit an application to filter out any time wasters.

Once the template is built for you, it takes only 5-10 minutes to create a page for each property (less time than it takes to upload to your CRM) 

02 - The Application Form

Fully Responsive, completely digital application form that stores all the answers for you online.

Only get people who are serious about finding somewhere, and disregard anyone who isn’t right for the property instantly, saving your staff hours each month!

03 - Automatic Follow Up

Automatically get contacts added to a CRM/Email Follow up system and notifications sent straight to your staff. 

Building your database of potential tenants and continue to market any new properties that come on the market.

Very Limited Applications - You Don't Want To Miss This!

With the work involved in setting this up for you I need to take my team of expert funnel builders out of my business to build everything for you, and to give the you the best experience possible I am limiting the amount of these we can build each month to just 8! 

And right now my team will build this for you from start to finish for just

£2497 + VAT!

This could reduce your negotiators out of office workload by 90%, filter out time wasters, allow you to pre-approve tenants quickly and allow you to build a database of tenants you can continue to market properties to. 

We could easily charge £1000's for this because that's how much it has saved us this month already, and it would still be more than worth every single penny.

But I have set myself the challenge of helping 1000 agents, I want 1000 agents to say to me "you have changed my life and my business." And I believe that is exactly what this will do. 

And when you see just how amazing it is, hopefully you join my community. 

Sound good? Great!

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