We are opening the doors to our 'Done For You' Service!

My Expert Team of Six funnel builders and I will build you a COMPLETE Two Page Download Funnel...

Package Includes:
  • 2 Page funnel designed and edited
  • 2x Emails to follow up with leads
  • 2x FB ads designed and written to get your funnel up and running and creating you new leads.
We've been building funnels since 2015 and a team of 6 of us support that function
We are one of only 800 people to win a 2 comma club award (for building a million pound funnel) 

We understand Bricks & Mortar business lead generation with a focus on Real Estate Agency more than anyone in the UK 
Done For you service
  • Your Entire Funnel designed, the customer journey mapped, sales process tested. Your funnel will be fully operational and working ready for you to make it live.
  • ​You will also be provided with 2x Email Copy written and added into your funnel so delivery and follow up is automated!
  • ​​Not enough? You'll get 2x Facebook Ads created written for you, we get 200 - 300 leads every single month from Facebook ads. We will get you going with the right way and ads written, Images designed and uploaded ready for you to go live or just supporting you with the ads you already have LIVE

So, Why Do I Need a FUNNEL?

As traditional business, we need to EVOLVE and embrace digital marketing FAST 

As a result of doing this, we now generate HUNDREDS of leads every month in our Letting Agency BRANCH using funnels

These can be NEW landlords scheduling calls with you, investors attending your seminars or webinars, or even vendors booking MA's 

You can really generate ANY kind of lead you want. 

Our KEY funnel is a download funnel leading to a call. For example you would give away a free downloadable PDF for someone to give you their phone number, name and email address. 

And on the TY page They have an option to book a call.

It's THAT simple and if you do it right this can revolutionise your business instantly and you start to see the potential of moving parts of your business online. 
You Don't Need THIS...
Traditional Prospecting, Social Media and website (SEO) Marketing has moved ON, and all the world leading businesses are now using FUNNELS!
Many are scrapping their BLOGS, turning off the chit chat, and focusing all their energy on adding VALUE for their customers, which is great, but if you want to move your business online quickly... you need funnels!
Contact us: team@propertyagentscircle.co.uk
Call us: 01902 420762 
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